After the comeback of old bands, will we see the comeback of old zines?
The editor says ARGYOPE was a fanzine in the mid 90's, I didn't read it then but the name doesn't sound completely unfamiliar.
This issue is made of 20 x A5 pages that contain only interviews: Sigh, Sadistic Intent, Pentagram and Jeremy Xido (A guy who made a documentary about Death metal in Angola).
It's written in English with a bit of French (Introductions).
The way interviews are done is not bad, it's quite personalized and can lead to quite cool answers with SADISTIC INTENT or PENTAGRAM... Unfortunately there aren't a lot of questions, and when you begin to get into the words, it's over.
I think this minizine is only made for fun/ personal pleasure... But maybe the editor will have the idea to make something bigger later, it could be nice… Who knows? Metal pulsions can be uncontrollable sometimes ;-)

(Ps: The editor also runs a metal rashioshow)

Emission LJDH, Radio Campus Tours,
7 allée Guy Charff, 37200 TOURS, FRANCE.