Some editors of big, all-kinds-of-metal webzines, claim fanzines are dead, and the peoples once involved in fanzines went to the big glossy metal magazines (Those you can find in every shops)... Well, according to the amount of new zines appearing every two months,
I wonder where these big-webzine makers have been searching (Maybe in their local tobacco shop? Huhu)
ABHORRENT VISIONS is one of these new zines that took me a bit of search (In this case on a forum, not the smaller one), and it doesn't look bad.
The editor explains he once planned to make a Death metal only zine, but projects got "centrifuged" and this first issue contains finally various kinds of (Old school) metal he likes: Heavy metal, thrash metal, Death metal... And also a bit of old Hc punk (Only in reviews).
The interviews aren't bad, it's quite personalized and the editor had some fun doing it. I think "fun" and "serious/ scholar" could be two words to describe the global tone, in the natural meaning (And not particularly humoristic sense) of the word...
On one hand there's no crappy "Gronibard" jokes you could sometimes find associated with the "fun" word, on the other hand even if the content is old school focused the tone isn't particularly retro/ conservative nor true evilly crucificated in the goat mind.
I wasn't so interested in everything there, but that might be due to the fact I'm not a so big fan of heavy metal, or even thrash metal... (A couple of bands in these styles are enough for me now).
The layout isn't looking bad, it's computer made, and even if the visual rendering is classical, it remains quite cool enough.
Reviews are quite short, not the shortest in the underwound, but maybe a little more than usual.
This fanzine could please you if you like, more or less, all kinds of old school metal, with something like a "regular listener" approach (If I can say so...)
Even if I wasn't interested/ didn't feel concerned with everything here, I think it's a quite cool first issue and wouldn't mind reading another one...

Interviews: Necropsy, Ghastly, Speedtrap, Iron Dogs, Cauchemar, Under the Church, Spiritus Mortis, Lord Fist, Wytch Hazel, Ranger, Solitaire, A.R.G., Axeslaughter.

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